Unknown Origin / by Klaus Seewald & Martin Welton



What do you recall of the places where you passed through, stopped by, slept…

Unknown Origin is a new piece of physical theatre made by an international team from Austria, Ireland and the UK. In a world on the move as never before Unknown Origin takes travels – planned, forced or accidental – as both its theme and its material. ‘How do we get there’, the performance asks, ‘and how will we know when we have arrived?’
Tired, but hopeful, a group of people is on their way. All they have with them are their battered suitcases filled with memories and fragments of a life lived elsewhere.

Unknown Origin prises open these cases as they cross roads, gates and borders, through turnstiles and checkpoints, under fences and over white lines, from day into dark, and from dark into brightness…


“… an existential perigrination with stunning strong imagery …”
Kleine Zeitung, EWS


Body Navigation Festival, St. Petersburg (RU)
Pinter Studio, London (GB)
Phoenix, Exeter (GB)
Werkstatt 2.12, Oberzeiring (AT)
TTZ, Graz (AT)
National Theater, Tirana (AL)
Skampa Festival (AL)
Fara Bariere Festival, Satu Mare (RO)


Director, Concept: Klaus Seewald, Martin Welton
Performer: Klaus Seewald, Martin Welton
Text: Naomi Lazard, Amin Maalouf, Ene, Klaus Seewald, Andrzej Tichy, Martin Welton
Dramaturgy: Monika Zöhrer, Bernadette Cronin
Sound Design: Mary Ronayne – Keane
Light Design: Eugene Schöberl
Costume Design: Barbara Häusl
Assistant Director: Katja Zöhrer